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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text dp_text_size=”size-4″]by Rune Östensson
Translated by Anne Pullar

Electricity has come into focus again thanks to the fact that cars are now being electrified. Many people dream about owning an electric car. Who would not like to have a Tesla, so that we can avoid the fumes that pollute our planet? Apart from this, electricity is so much a part of our daily life that we don’t think of it at all, or of how completely dependent on it we are. Only when there is a power failure do we realise how vulnerable we are in today’s electrified world. It is believed that electricity and magnetism have been known for about 3,000 years, but in modern times it is the Italian scientist Alessandro Volta who has made possible the existence of such diverse objects as cars, remote controls, light bulbs, mobile phones and thousands of other electrical devices. It actually was Volta who in 1800 invented the first battery to be used in practice, the so-called Volta’s stack. But it would take nearly a hundred years before electrification really speeded up and revolutionised life for terrestrial human beings.

But was Volta really the first one to create an electric battery? Martinus writes in Livets Bog, vol. 6, section 2302, that one can read in the Bible how King Solomon built an electric battery into his divine temple. There is even a detailed description of how the battery was constructed. And with this battery one could trigger flashes of light or light illuminations. And Martinus claims that they were not ignorant of what electricity really was. He writes: “That one perceived this light as the spirit of God” was exactly because one knew that this light and the force that it represented was a spiritual or mental power, which again is equal to the power of thought or consciousness […]” We can see here that already 3,000 years ago electricity was being used and it was even known that it was not a physical force, but a mental or spiritual one.

Why did this knowledge disappear? Well, the answer could be that materialism and therefore darkness needed to culminate in our millennium and especially during the last hundred years. Due to this, the knowledge about the true nature of electricity had to be kept hidden. And even in the scientifically enlightened time that we are now living in, the scientists do not yet have an explanation of what electricity is, in its deepest sense. Martinus writes in Livets Bog 6, section 1997: “But spiritual science knows, that it is actually the life force of the Earth, in other words it is macrocosmic life force. It is therefore not a dead, but a living, organic force in our own macrobeing. It is therefore totally justified to call this force the ‘force of God’ or the ‘spirit of God’.” And in section 1998 he continues: “Electricity belongs together with all the physical enigmas that many materialistically orientated, scientific branches of research end up in, and that they cannot solve, since the solution is not at all physical but to the highest degree spiritual. All phenomena in the world without exception are controlled by spiritual forces and are therefore indispensably connected to these.” This makes it clear that the understanding of electricity belongs together with the understanding of what life and consciousness are in their deepest sense, and to natural science these are unsolved enigmas.

Physical matter is believed to be the foundation of life and consciousness and thereby of electricity, while spiritual science shows that the complete opposite is the case. But do they not then create electricity through physical means in their large generators? Yes, that is what it looks like, but we have now reached an area that can be difficult to understand for the purely materialistically orientated human being. What actually takes place in a generator or a battery is that one “opens the door” for the incarnation of “electric microbeings” from the kingdom of bliss. A continuous flow of charged particles arises – electrically charged due to the fact that all living beings have an electric field of consciousness around them that consists of the six basic energies. Conditions are actually created for these microbeings from the kingdom of bliss to incarnate by the creation of a “charged field”. Martinus describes that all force and all movement depend on the tension between the two cosmic basic energies of gravity and feeling, and this is exactly what is created, unconsciously though, in the power-machines, by means of – among other things – permanent magnets in motion. Perhaps one can consider the electricity that we are using nowadays as an energy in which the basic energy of gravity is dominating, whereas magnetism can be considered as an energy in which the basic energy of feeling is dominating. It is important though, to mention that all six electric energies of consciousness are always present in all that is created, but in different degrees and combinations.

We have now arrived at the title of this article – thoughts about free energy. As we have seen, electricity is a spiritual force that radiates from macrocosmos into microcosmos. Expressed in another way one could say that it is macrocosmos that offers microcosmos the conditions for life and a climate suitable for incarnation. We all live in an electric, magnetic field of consciousness, that offers us the electric force to which we can connect and that becomes our life force. In our closest surroundings it is the earth and the sun that are the great electric “providers of life” to all life on earth.

This means that free energy really exists, in the sense that the macrocosmic electric field surrounds us all the time and we connect up our “organic machine”, that is our body, to this field. Can we not do the same with all our electric machines? Well, that is actually what we do! One cannot create electricity, because it exists on the spiritual plane all the time. It is just that we do not know about it. What we need to do is to consciously create the right conditions in our power-machines in order to make this constant electric wave of incarnation electrify the machine in question. At that point we will probably find out how to do this in an efficient way, not as it is done today, where we have a very low degree of efficiency of electric machines. One of the secrets will probably be, that instead of using an aspect of macrocosmic energy of consciousness that contains a lot of the expanding energy of gravity (entropy or heat) as one does now, one will probably in the future use an energy that contains more of the cohesive energy of feeling (negative entropy or coldness). Entropy is a measure of the degree of disorder, and the energy of gravity dominates all degradation that appears as disorder, while negative entropy is the degree of order, in which it is the cohesive energy of feeling or the coldness of the universe that dominates. It is also the cohesive energy of feeling or the coldness of the universe that dominates what we call gravitation, which keeps all the suns and planets in their correct orbits.

But, how then do the researchers look at this invisible field that electrifies everything physical? Well, as I mentioned earlier the researchers consider electricity to be a property of matter and therefore it does not need to be electrified from the “outside”. It is correct though, that all matter is built up of electric atoms and electrons, but their electric nature is not something physical but is their spiritual field of consciousness. Nevertheless, in quantum physics one holds the view that there exists an invisible “zero point energy” or “vacuum-energy” and that it is from here the so-called virtual particles – particles with a short life span –appear and disappear. And those who do research on free energy claim that it is this “vacuum-energy” that one can use in the free energy machines. Here we can see that this “zero point field” or “vacuum energy” is just another name for “the spiritual world”. As we have seen, the spiritual plane is an electric world and it is from the kingdom of bliss that all incarnation takes place, in micro-, meso- and macrocosmos.

So, we can conclude that free energy is really something that the universe offers in the form of macrocosmic energies of consciousness, that, from our point of view are “inexhaustible”. We know what an enormous force is hidden in the nucleus of an atom that was released in such a dramatic way by the atom bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What kind of force is it that flows through the nucleus that can be so enormously powerful? Martinus writes that it is the life force of the earth, that is, macrocosmic energies, that we in this case, use in a very negative way by blasting microcosmic worlds. It is the same kind of blasting of the nucleus that we use in our atomic power plants and that Martinus strongly warns us against continuing to use. We are here dealing with very destructive forces, such as radio-active radiation, which creates illness in the organism of the earth and also in human beings and animals.

But there is another path, and Martinus suggests that in the future we will be able to quite simply take energy directly from the universe, which we now know is filled with macrocosmic, electro-magnetic forces that we need to learn to use in a loving way. There is much evidence to suggest that this technique already exists here on earth, but Providence is holding it back so that we do not misuse it in all the wars and conflicts that still rage over the earth. But when human beings have put wars and craving for power behind them, the world will quickly become electrified with this free, non-monopolised energy. And who does not long for that?

Photo: Rune Östensson

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