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What is the new world culture?

Kosmos 22. September 2018

The new world culture is a term that Martinus used to describe the visible result of a new world picture, where we begin to understand life as a coherent whole that is expressed both in our inner universe, in our fellow beings and in the cosmos in which we live and evolve. Wherever this understanding grows, it will inevitably lead to changes in our perception of ourselves, in our sense of community spirit and in our relationship with Nature.

Martinus speaks of “tolerance, neighbourly love, interest in spiritual matters and a longing for a higher form of life experience …” as the hallmarks of future bearers of cultural values; we can already see a consequence of these hallmarks in today’s human and social progress and in the positive development that is taking place in the world within, among other things, natural science, technology, economics, art, philosophy, religion and literature.

According to Martinus, the modern culture that we know today is a transitional phenomenon, where we at one and the same time experience the downfall of an old culture and the birth of a new global culture.


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