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Video interview: Rupert Sheldrake – part 4

Jens Christian Hermansen 1. October 2018

Interview with the British biologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake
Part 4/4: Visions for the future

Click here to watch part 1/4 Do we need religion?
Click here to watch part 2/4 Modern science
Click here to watch part 3/4 Rediscovering God
Click here to watch part 4/4 Visions for the future

The interview was produced by Kosmos Magazine.

Kosmos Magazine was founded in 1933 by the Danish writer and mystic Martinus.
It is published by the Martinus Institute, Denmark.

Series Designer: Jens Christian Hermansen
Technical Direction: Roald Bundgaard
Production Oversight: Jacob Kølle Christensen


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