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Question: What is the purpose of life?

Hans Wittendorff 2. October 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text dp_text_size=”size-4″]Question: What is the purpose of life?

Answer: Martinus was once asked this very question after a lecture, and he said that if he were to give a short answer, he would say that the purpose of life is to experience life!

But we have to see this in the light of the fact that life is eternal. As a consequence, life must of necessity be very varied. We can live quite easily in a dry, sunny climate for a year or two, but we would then begin to long for rain. And if we were to eat our favourite food every day, we would eventually come to loathe it. If we were to paint a picture on a white canvas with white paint, no experience would result from it. In other words, an on-going experience of life can only come about on the basis of contrasts.

Martinus explains that for this reason our eternal experience of life takes place in spiral cycles, in which each cycle contains a culmination of “darkness” and a culmination of “light”. We are familiar with this principle from the smaller cycles of our everyday lives: day and night, winter and summer, youth and old age etc. And humankind’s present position in this immense cycle is at the culmination of darkness, with, however, many signs that a “spring” is on its way. There are, it has to be said, a great many people who are egoistic and aggressive and full of hatred and thoughts of vengeance, but there are without doubt also many, many people who have had enough of war and who are tired of hatred and vengeance. When the latter group have become the majority, there will arise on Earth what Martinus calls “the true human kingdom”.

We know that humankind has evolved from primitive, ape-like stages to the stage that we are on today. But why should evolution stop here? The intense sufferings that our hatred, vengeance and war have brought on us have had an effect that we normally do not think so much about: we have become satiated with this darkness, we are tired of killing and strife. Rather slowly we become less and less of an animal and more and more of a human being. We acquire greater and greater human abilities and more and more compassion for other living beings. And this is the very purpose of our life here on Earth.

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