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Kosmos 28. February 2019

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Constructive News Popping Up

”When what you write about is constructive, people notice. They read everything. They share it with their friends. They create rare oases of wellbeing on social media. They write to us saying “Thank you”. “

Those are the experiences The Guardian has after an eighteen-month-long pilot project with a new section called “The Upside”, which is full of constructive news. The section has increased the interest in reading the articles and the wish to share them.

The Guardian Upside also encourages its readers to send in positive stories and events that they themselves would like to read about. What follows are a few examples of positive news from the environmental department of The Upside.

Plastic-free departments in Dutch supermarkets

Dutch supermarkets have opened Europe’s first plastic-free department with 700 products, and plans to open similar departments in other branches.

Lego plans to go plastic-free

Lego made out of sugar cane will soon be on the market. The initiative is a step towards greater sustainability in their production and the goal is to find biologically-based materials that can replace the present plastic ones.

Climate improvements and greater equality go together

Climate change and inequality are two of the most acute challenges the world is now facing. What is new is that the two problems can be solved simultaneously. According to recent research, the risk of higher carbon emission increases dramatically under economic scenarios where increased inequality and increased use of fossil fuels dominate. The research leader, Joeri Rogelj, at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Vienna, claims that when poverty is widespread, resources are not put into finding innovations.

On the other hand, sustainable development contributes to an economy that benefits everybody. Therefore, it is encouraging to acknowledge the fact that there is a lot that is being done for the climate worldwide. There is a boom of renewable energy, mass production of electric cars, at the same time as the production of energy from fossil fuels has reached its culmination.

But why is this news positive? Martinus writes that the Earth as a macrobeing is sovereign in its decision making concerning its own organism. Does that not mean that the Earth being itself decides to what degree it is polluted, just as we, terrestrial human beings are sovereign in ruling over our microcosmos and to what degree we want to pollute our organism? Being in the role of microbeings in the Earth’s organism, can we really have much influence on the “climate changes” of the macrobeing?

Through reading Martinus, we also learn that what we sow in our own micro-environment – i.e. in our own body – we reap in the form of karma from our macrobeing. This means that if we smoke, we will as a consequence most probably live in polluted areas. Therefore there is no sense in fighting environmental pollution if we ourselves are polluting our own lungs.

Martinus describes how terrestrial human beings are the brain cells of the Earth, and as such our consciousness fits perfectly with the consciousness and thought climate of the Earth. This means that when the Earth decides to take care of its “climate” which really means taking better care of its organism, we as microbeings will follow in a parallel development by creating new inventions that turn development towards sustainable and harmonious environmental cycles.

In the wake of climate change we have seen an enormous transition and development towards increased sustainability worldwide, including efforts from science, politicians, private organisations and right down to the individual human being where we see many people using renewable energy and, for instance, choosing to have meat-free days.

So, the increased activity amongst human beings in order to create more sustainability and to clean up the environment, is really an effect of a change of thought climate in the Earth’s consciousness, just as when we human beings change our thought climate and decide to take better care of our organism, this has a positive effect in our microworld, i.e. in the daily lives of our organs and our cells.  Our respective paths in our respective spiral cycles mirror each other. And as we can see in symbol no. 7, The Principle of Life Units – we all work together!

Source: positivenyheder.dk; bloomberg.com; Martinus, The Eternal World Picture, book 1.

For further reading look at symbol no. 7

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